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Successful corporate and personal branding doesn’t just happen. You need true introspection, honesty, courage, and hard work to create a memorable brand, share it with the world and make genuine connections. If that sounds like you then you are in the right place. At The Brand Counselors, we guide and coach businesses and individuals on the creation and communication of their true brand and connect them to their target audiences.

Our site content is divided into the two key areas of branding we believe to be essential.

Brand Image for Business focuses on design and Image for Business focuses on design and the importance of having a memorable image. Trevor Williams, The Brand Counselors’ head of brand design notes: “Humans make decisions about the quality of a service or product by synthesizing the messages they receive- words combined with visual images to create an experience that helps them decide whether or not to interact with a brand. Too often words dominate design in a brand; without the integration of both, a brand will lack clarity in the minds of those you are trying to reach.–>

Brand Marketing for Business focuses on integrated marketing communication including digital and social media, business development and communication.  Our clients include all types of business entities from independent retailers to large corporations across many industries including healthcare, medical technology, wellness, retail, franchises, luxury cosmetics and fashion, crafts, professional services. We are members and contributors to many professional organizations and groups- our job is to stay up to date on the rapidly changing world of branding, marketing and design.

 Personal Branding for Professionals focuses on individuals starting out in their career, looking to move up or change careers, or for those re-entering the workforce. Many of the concepts for branding and marketing a business are the same as for an individual and from time to time you will see articles that are listed in multiple categories.

Branding is our passion as well as our business.  We are voracious readers on topics from pets to fashion to business and world politics and home design and entertaining. It’s not unusual for someone to reach out to us for a recommendation on a gift to the paint color of their living room, that’s after they’ve asked us to redesign their website and rebrand their business. As readers of The Brand Counselors’ blog you get the benefit of our experiences and knowledge.

Most importantly, we write for you and you get the benefit of our experience and that of the authors, experts, colleagues and truly interesting folks who are trying to change the world one brand at a time.

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