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Successful corporate and personal branding and marketing doesn’t just happen. It takes true introspection, honesty, courage, and hard work to create a memorable brand, share it with the world and make genuine connections. If you’re looking to elevate your brand, have hit a plateau and want to get more out of your market or even just starting to think about branding and marketing, then you are in the right place. The work we do and the content on our blog is meant to guide and coach businesses and individuals on the creation and communication of their true brand and connect them to their target audience. As your brand counselors, we empahsize not just what looks or sounds good, but what WORKS for your brand – from identity concept and creation, online and print advertising, website design and development, marketing strategy, and social media planning and maintenance.    More>

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  • Why Do I Write About Personal Branding With a Focus On Women?

    The other night over dinner Trevor and I had a very spirited debate over exactly that question. The reason I tend focus my personal branding posts on women is because over the years, most of the people I've done personal

  • Are Your Online Listings on the “A” List?

    When people find you online, are they finding the correct contact information? Have you moved, changed numbers, or your business name in the past? Even if you haven't you'd be surprised at the incorrect or even missing information in your

  • No Chick Over 35 Left Behind, Including Me!

    I am on a mission. If I hear of another woman over the age of 35 who has made the conscious decision to not learn or at least be aware of the changes in technology from smartphones to social media

  • Is Your Digital Aptitude Aging You?

    I began to think about how to measure someone's digital aptitude. I often hear people over 35 saying, "oh I don't know how to do that Tweety thing" or "how do I get the photo on my phone off of

  • Mastering Marketing Measurements

    Does the question, "Do you know where your referrals are coming from?” make your palms sweaty and uncomfortable? Not after today! Read on to learn how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, also known as Return on Investment

  • Lateness & No Shows A Personal Brand Killer

    I live in a world where a 9am appointment means 9am. Not 9:30 or 10am. Or my favorite, a total no show. But worse than being later or not showing is not communicating – no call, no text, no email,

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