Logo Design & Labels for Great South Bay Brewery

Project Details

  • Designer: Trevor Williams
  • Art director: Trevor Williams
  • Client: Great South Bay Brewery
  • Date: September 26, 2013
  • Tags: Identity, Packaging, Print

Design of logo and labels for craft beer brewery.

Trevor worked with Great South Bay Brewery as Creative Director for W.F. Cameron. GSB came to us as they were just starting out their beer-brewing venture and were in need of a logo and labels for their initial batch of brews. As the brewery is named for the body of water along the south shore of Long Island, they wanted a somewhat nautical look for their logo design. Initial thoughts included a detailed clipper-ship logo, a simplified beachy driftwood-looking signpost and another featuring a fish silhouetted in front of the iconic bridge that spans the bay. The final logo – which is based on the nautical flag for the number “1” – was chosen for it’s clean, bright look and it’s simple, yet evocative feeling.

For the labels design, I started thinking about travel posters from the 20s and 30s – the beautiful, simplified graphic images of trains, planes and destinations that drew you in with interesting and sometimes extreme perspectives. The “frame” for each label – which includes another nautical flag sequence signifying the founding year of the brewery – changes only in the color scheme from label to label.

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