Brochure Design for MedPro

Project Details

  • Designer: Trevor Williams
  • Client: MedPro US
  • Date: September 10, 2013
  • Tags: Marketing, Print

Corporate brochure design for medical-related company.

Medpro’s business involves ensuring the safety and stability of the medical equipment – specifically stretchers or cots – that are used by emergency professionals throughout the world.

They came to The Brand Counselors looking for us to design a concise but comprehensive brochure to send prospective customers. The brochure would need to explain all aspects of Medpro’s services without overwhelming the recipient with a lot of copy.

The ten page brochure we ultimately designed used a mix of photography, illustrative graphics and well-edited copy to convey the professionalism,  integrity and attention to detail  that Medpro puts into servicing and repairing every cot they touch.

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