One Life One Limb

Project Details

  • Project manager: Linda Williams
  • Client: Leslie Pitt Schneider
  • Date: February 28, 2014
  • Tags: Marketing, Personal
Launch Project
Leslie Pitt Schneider

Leslie Pitt Schneider

Challenge: To create a personal brand that packages up all the professional experience, interests and personal passion for helping other people living with limb-loss.

We gave Leslie a consistent look and language across all relevant social media channels, explored opportunities for creating revenue streams from the blog and exposure her personal brand to help make the connections she needed. Branded as a Limb-loss lifestyle expert Leslie has grown her subscribers, increased media coverage and blog

It all started the question that Linda posed: “What is the message of your brand?”   To which I ignorantly replied, “What do you mean?” After on-going dialog about what I wanted to do with my blog, Linda not only zeroed in on what I was trying to achieve, but she blew it up into more than I ever thought possible.  And it was Linda who developed the catch phrase, a feat I would never have achieved. 

With my message in mind, Linda guided me down the path of learning about marketing my brand through self-completed exercises; research; and soul searching.  Although she possesses the requisite tasks to do the work for developing brands; she believes that a person must develop their own brand because they will live it and breathe it, each and every day.  

With a powerful brand and catch phrase in hand, Linda then worked her magic to identify all of the different search engines; created log-ins for those different forums; and consistently used my same image and catch-phrase to ensure the intent of search-engine optimization.    And then she gave me the hand-off to take it and run.  But Linda didn’t stop there.  She believes that success follows accountability by continually reviewing my content and providing constructive feed-back every step of the way. 



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