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Project Details

  • Designer: Trevor Williams
  • Client: Ultrapedics Ltd
  • Date: March 2, 2014
  • Tags: Identity

As part of their forthcoming website redesign, Ultrapedics needed to update their logo. Aside from using a plain, dated typeface, the original logo was not visually balanced and did not fit well into most applications, especially online where the small, curved tagline and descriptor (Prosthetics & Orthotics) would be unreadable.

Original Ultrapedics Logo

Original Ultrapedics Logo

Their goal of keeping their patients lives in motion along with the “ultra” in the name suggested the vibrant burst emanating from a “U” shape. The impact their work has on their patients is represented by an exhuberant figure knocked out of this shape. Although this is a detailed silhouette, the recognizable human shape holds well even at smaller sizes.

The orange color of the burst is balanced by both the tagline running between the ascenders of the “t” and “d” and the dot on the “i”. The main typeface (Euphemia) was chosen for it’s authoritative, but friendly appearance. The descriptor (Orthotics/Prosthetics) is now clear and legible and balanced on either side of the “p”.

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